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Better Quality (BQ) No-Touch Technology

Our Better Quality (BQ) No-Touch Hand Sanitizer Dispenser provides a sanitary, easy-dispensing solution to foster good hand hygiene and reduce cross-contamination. You simply place your hand under the indicator light and it automatically dispenses the correct amount of sanitizing product into your hand and can be adjusted to dispense more or less.  It has automatic operation with a unique top dispensing design so there is no risk of leaking. Sensor lights up blue when dispensing, red when batteries are low.  Large, screw off reservoir holds up to 1 liter of sanitizer.  The container is see-through so it is easy to tell when it needs a refill, available at any drug store. Simple 71% ethyl alcohol, for example, provides strong efficacy killing greater than 99.999% of germs in as little as 15 seconds.

  • Portable No-Touch Design
  • Ideal Where Water Is Not Available
  • Durable Plastic With A Secured Locking Option
  • Battery Operated – Uses Six AA Alkaline Batteries (Included).
  • Mount To A Floor Stand To Create Touchless Hand Hygiene Station

The Better Quality (BQ) No-Touch Hand Sanitizer uses a simple and compact design to make hand sanitizing easy and is suitable for use in the home as well as public spaces like office, hospitals, hotels, lobbies, hallways, breakrooms, cafeterias, reception areas, schools and more. Lightweight construction makes it easy to transport and move to other locations. Long lasting batteries are easy to replace.  Available for quick shipment to anywhere in the continental USA.

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The Rise of No-Touch Technology For Hand Hygiene

When you spend time in public places, you know how important it is to practice good hand hygiene to avoid the spread of germs, illnesses, and bacteria.  Since a sink isn’t always within reach to wash your hands, hand sanitizers are an effective defense to keep germs at bay.  In fact, some sanitizer formulas are over 99% effective at reducing the spread of illness-causing germs.

Surveys indicate that an alarming number of people don’t wash their hands often enough for good hand hygiene.  Did you know that people use a no-touch dispenser more frequency than they do manual dispensers that they need to touch? Users feel concern about the safety of touching dispensers and prefer dispensers that are no-touch.

While every user’s experience and rationale with touchless dispensers will undoubtedly be different, the promise of  improved hand hygiene and decreased cross-contamination and are the biggest reasons to embrace no-touch technology.

no-touch technology

Tips For Good Hand Hygiene

Use hand sanitizer often. If you move around a lot, especially in the same day, use hand sanitizer often to keep your hands clean after touching so many things throughout the day.

Avoid wiping hands on clothing after use. Use a tissue or handkerchief to wipe away excess if necessary.

Use hand sanitizer while cooking and after gardening, petting animals, and ­­other activities.

Keep a NO-TOUCH Hand Sanitizer at home. Remind family and guests to use it often.

Our No-Touch Technology is an idea whose time has arrived since hard surfaces can be a significant transfer point for bacteria and viruses.  Much of what people put down on a surface can be picked up by the next person who comes along, and in an age where people share more spaces and surfaces than ever before, no-touch technology helps prevent cross-contamination.

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Microorganisms can flourish on most surfaces and can serve as reservoir of microbial contamination. When hands come into contact with these surfaces, microbial agents can then be transferred to the nose, mouth, eyes via indirect contact transmission. No-touch technology dispensing solutions are one way to help reduce the spread of germs. By eliminating one potential source of germs, we can help reduce their spread.

It is intuitive to think that the less a potentially contaminated surface is touched, the better, so the advent of no-touch dispensers is an important way to reduce the opportunities for cross contamination and hand carriage of pathogenic microorganisms. As experts debate the role inanimate objects play in the transmission of infectious agents, few would doubt that the contamination of environmental surfaces is a major issue.

Infection prevention professionals believe that no-touch technology can have an impact on the prevention of cross-contamination and helping to create a culture that embraces hand hygiene. The development of no-touch dispensers  is a positive step toward reducing the possibility of hand contamination because your hands never touch the dispenser.

As concerns about cross-contamination increase among infection prevention professionals, no-touch dispensers have improved sanitation for an entire generation that has grown up around this kind of touchless environment and making it the standard to decrease infections.


disinfect everything
bleach maker sprayer

The BQ Bleach Maker Sprayer 

Always have a steady supply of Bleach disinfectant (sodium hypochlorite) with the BQ Bleach Maker Sprayer.  Portable, take it with you anywhere to sanitize, disinfect and deodorize surfaces at home or on -the-go.

Bleach-Maker Sprayer Technology

The core part of the Bleach-Maker Sprayer generator Is an electrolytic device (an electrode and a power supply) which generates sodium hypochlorite solution in about 6 minutes from water and a small amount of common table salt. This proven process has the advantages of easy access to raw materials (salt and water), stable operation (standard USB Charging cable), and pure products.

Chemical reaction process:

salt • water • electric =  sodium hypochlorite • hydrogen

What do you think?  Are you ready to be prepared for the next virus pandemic?

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Private Label customization and OEM branding are no problem with our product development partner, Bright of America®